Why should I hire Sherri, The Woodlands Home Staging?

1. Experienced in remodeling, and identifying and correcting interior design flaws.

2. The Woodlands has been her home for 14 years, and she knows what buyers want

3. Superb Service, Certified, Friendly, and she works extremely well in difficult situations

4. Specializes in Pro Real Estate Photography

5. Examines every home with a critical eye, and creates a comprehensive staging plan based on buyer demographics

6. Understands budgets and listens to client's needs

7. Offers Top Quality Accessories and props to make the home more inviting, if needed

8. Eye for detail, and can create a sense of style that a general buyer will love and understand

9. Known to consistently produce excellent work

10. Provides support until the home sells, if needed


Do you offer vacant home staging?

Yes, please email or text us for a quote at 713-449-8093.

Please include the property address, your name and square footage of the house.

Who pays for Home Staging & Real Estate Photography?

Typically, the seller pays for vacant staging services, and the REALTOR®  pays for professional photography.

However, there are many savvy REALTORS® that include a staging consultation (for occupied homes), and offer virtual staging as part of their marketing plan.